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Reduce aerodynamic drag


Aerodynamic Trailer Systems, LLC
Fuel saving products for semi tractor trailers to reduce drag and improve fuel economy.
The SmartTail® and the WindTamer® air spoilers save fuel without adding maintenance.



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The SmartTail® improves the aerodynamic profile of a trailer with
rugged polymer skins that are mounted directly to the rear doors.



The WindTamer® improves the aerodynamic profile of a trailer
with a low profile rugged polyethylene product for the undercarriage.

Watch the Video to see the
SmartTail and WindTamer in action!


SmartTail® + WindTamer®
Track Tested and EPA Verified to Provide Over 5% Fuel Savings

Satisfy CARB Requirements

SmartWay has listed SmartTail® and our IAS Integrated Automated System
(SmartTail® with WindTamer®) as verified technology products.

Learn more about Smartway EPA


The ATS Advantage
  • Requires no driver actions - automatic inflation/deflation while driving
  • Lightweight polymer skin is evacuated to automatically fold and allow rear trailer doors to fully open
  • No external moving parts equals no maintenance
  • Prevents build-up of snow and ice
  • WindTamer® provides greater than 20" ground clearance
  • Improves rig handling qualities from reduced shimmy which also increases tire life

The Future

  • Prepare now for rising fuel costs in the future
  • Install SmartTail® and WindTamer® and immediately start saving on fuel costs
  • ATS is a SmartWay Transport Affiliate
  • Future regulations will mandate more energy efficiencies and emission reductions





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