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Reduce aerodynamic drag

Aerodynamic Trailer Systems

Commenced in 2009 as a company to develop and manufacture products that reduces the aerodynamic drag of semi tractor-trailers, flat beds, and tankers to improve fuel economy.

Problem: "How do we reduce the base drag of the trailer and still have conventional access to the cargo space?"

Solution: Design a light-weight inflatable and retractable air spoiler.

Aerodynamic Trailer Systems

Management Team

Patrick E. Ryan

Pat is the ATS founder with over 40 years of engineering and business management experience. Emphasis in project management, marketing, sales and product development in advanced technology related businesses. Specific expertise in developing alliances with clients and owners to create and execute strategic business and marketing plans for new products and services.

James F. Domo
2009 - February 2013
Over 35 years of manufacturing experience as a senior executive with a proven track record in hands-on strategic and operational business development for several large public corporations. The first half of his career focused on R&D of new products and expanded to include Sales and Marketing roles. Throughout the last 18 years as Operating President and General Manager of several businesses serving global market segments in Electric Utility, Lighting, Steel, Broadcast, Semiconductor, Mining and Rail industries implemented lean manufacturing including advanced Marketing and new product development process foundations.

J. Barry Ryan
President / CEO

Over 18 years of military experience in advanced-technology applications for submarines, weapons systems, and nuclear power propulsion plants. General managerial and project management experience as Department Head for two front-line attack submarines.

Mohammad Kassemi, PhD.
Consultant-Computational Fluid Dynamics

Over 20 years of experience in scientific and aerospace research. Currently serves as Deputy Chief Scientist for the National Center for Micro Gravity Research at NASA Glenn Research Center and Associate Research Professor at Case Western Reserve University. Experienced in technology transfer activities and providing technical consulting services to public and private organizations. Dr. Kassemi is an expert in modeling fluid behavior using computational fluid dynamics.

Paul J. Pawlowski, Consultant
Safety and Quality Protocols and Procedures

Over 25 years of experience in quality, safety, and manufacturing engineering issues in the automotive industry, including rubber molding and aluminum die casting, metal fabrication, electrical component design, and mechanical systems.

Pegeen Ryan
Over fifteen years in the accounting arena.  Peg is also currently the operations manager for Meadowbrook Insurance Group with responsibility for reporting Excess Workers’ Comp premiums to various carriers and reinsurers, as well preparing divisional financial analysis to the corporate Executive Management team.  She has also worked with several profitable small start-up companies in areas of media and technical writing.  She is a graduate of Gannon University, Erie, PA with a BS in Accounting.

Patty Bastel
Web Marketing
Over 17 years as a marketing communications professional experienced in creative development of marketing collateral, website design and content development, email marketing, search engine optimization, branding,
new product launches, tradeshow management, press release distribution, media schedules, planning and budgeting, strategy, market research and analysis in highly technical environments.



Company History

2013 WindTamer® production commences for box vans and flat beds.
2012 SmartTail® application is successfully expanded to reefers. ATS begins tanker air spoiler development project with Advanced Engineered Products, Ltd. Canada to develop the new SmartGap air spoiler for tankers.
2011 ATS establishes manufacturing facility and administrative offices in Bedford Hts., Ohio. Initial production units are produced and fleets begin field testing evaluations with results achieving up to 7% fuel savings.
2011 Production shipments grow steadily with zero field durability issues. SmartTail® reported field results achieve up to 7% fuel savings.
2011 January - ATS Cannon Road manufacturing facility and administrative offices is established.
2010 EPA’s SmartWay completes it evaluations and lists ATS products as Verified Technologies.  The SmartTail® is listed within the “Trailer Boat Tail” category and the (IAS) Integrated Automated System (WindTamer® with SmartTail®) within the “Advanced Trailer End Fairing” class which is the 5% fuel savings category.
2010 Completed SAE Type II J1321 Fuel Economy Tests at Continental Tire’s Uvalde Proving Grounds with the final production designs and tooling of the SmartTail and the IAS – Integrated Automated System (SmartTail® with WindTamer®).
Confirmed 5.3 % improvement in fuel economy!

January - Manufactured final production designs with production tooling for the SmartTail® and WindTamer®. Developed a “Smart” control that includes an ATS proprietary Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design with custom programmed Micro-Controller Chip, GPS chip for speed-direction-altitude sensing, internal air pressure and temperature monitoring to allow programming for optimum performance under varying ambient conditions and trailer speeds including the detection of reverse direction for a completely automated SmartTail® actuation.

2009 Conducted a 2nd  wind tunnel test series at the ARC test laboratory of the new  (SmartTail®) inflatable Boattail design and enhanced design of the new (WindTamer®).  The tests allowed for refinements and optimization to deliver fuel economy results of 5.5% fuel efficiency improvement. The SmartTail® performance was superior to all other competitive boattail designs tested to date at the ARC laboratory.  The tests further confirmed that the SmartTail® used in combination with a side skirt yielded additive results approaching 9% fuel efficiency at 62mph. 
2009 A new invention was developed (SmartTail®) that offers a higher % fuel efficiency performance at 50% the size. Patent is pending. 
2009 Completed  the 1st series of 1/8th scale wind tunnel with moving road tests at the ARC laboratory in Indianapolis of the exact replica of a full size inflatable boattail the and the new undercarriage invention.
2009 A new product invention was developed  (WindTamer®) which is a small and rugged mid belly undercarriage fairing with patents pending to expand the fuel savings product lines for ATS.
2009 Converted an actual full scale inflated Boattail to a 3D electronic model using PolyWorks laser technology. This allowed for conversion of the real shape into a CFD study and for fabrication of a precision 1/8 scale model replica using computer aided manufacturing for use in a wind-tunnel test.  Read full case study (pdf).
2009 Completed full scale Beta Tests with over 35,000 miles of experience and obtained positive feedback from fleet owners. 
2009 Jim Domo brings new product ideas, joins ownership team, and is appointed CEO/COO. 
Prior Years Idea Years:
Proof of concept for inflatable boattail. NASA Chief Scientist helped discover optimum boattail shape using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) with 57 series conducted by Dr. Kassemi. SAE fuel economy test at Ohio TRC facility. First patent #5.823.610 issued in 1998.







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