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Press Release - June 25, 2010


The EPA’s SmartWay program says fleets installing Aerodynamic Trailer Systems’ new IAS Integrated Automated System (SmartTail™ with WindTamer™) will satisfy stringent CARB (California Air Resources Board) legislation requiring 53-ft trailers operating in the state to have aerodynamic devices installed on trailers that yield 5% or greater verified fuel savings. Verified testing confirmed that Aerodynamic Trailer System’s product will deliver 5.3% improvement in fuel efficiency. Aerodynamic Trailer Systems, headquartered in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, has developed fuel efficient products for semi tractor trailers to reduce drag and improve fuel economy.

The SmartTail™ and the WindTamer™ products are designed for a 10 year life. The SmartTail™ improves the aerodynamic profile of the trailer with automated polymer skins that are mounted directly to the rear doors. The WindTamer™ improves the aerodynamics of the trailer with its rugged low profile contoured cover mounted on the undercarriage of a vehicle.

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Jim Domo, CEO, COO
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Press Release

ATS Press Release - Smartway

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