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SmartTail on Trailer
SmartTail® Aerodynamic Spoiler

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  • The SmartTail® aerodynamic fuel $ saving Air Spoiler is applied to doors of the trailer.  The inflated rugged polymer skin transforms the trailer’s poor aerodynamic rear profile into a more optimized aerodynamic profile that reduces drag and air vortex disturbances at the rear of the trailer.
  • The SmartTail® includes a state of the art Smart Control with an onboard micro-computer and GPS to automatically deploy the SmartTail at factory pre-programmed speeds while driving.
  • At factory pre-programmed low speeds the Smart Control automatically evacuates the polymer skins to fold and stow the SmartTail® allowing the doors to be fully opened by the driver.
  • Totally automated operation eliminates the need for any special driver duties
  • Save 4-7% in fuel $ without adding maintenance costs.

WindTamer® Aerodynamic Profile



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  • The WindTamer® aerodynamic profile saves fuel $ costs by improving the aerodynamic profile under the semi-tractor box trailer, TOFC or flat bed.
  • Small streamlined profile redirects air flow under rear axle and around the wheels.
  • Rugged lightweight polyethylene construction allows complete access to the trailer undercarriage
  • Compact size provides more than 20" road clearance
  • Great in cross winds

Integrated Automated System
IAS Integrated Automated System



IAS Integrated Automated System
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  • IAS = SmartTail® + WindTamer® = 5–8% Fuel $ Savings
  • Fuel $ Savings without maintenance
  • Meet CARB requirements without side skirts
  • Your trailer logos can be printed on ATS products.
  • California Air Resource Board Compliant


SmartWay has listed
SmartTail® and our
IAS Integrated Automated System
(SmartTail® with WindTamer®)
as verified technology products.

Learn more about Smartway EPA



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Service - Replacement parts in stock and technicians available.

Warranty - 3 year warranty

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