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Reduce aerodynamic drag


The Trucking Industry's First Totally
Automated Trailer Air Spoiler

The SmartTail® aerodynamic fuel $ saving Air Spoiler is a rugged polymer skin transforming the trailer’s rear into a
more optimized aerodynamic profile to reduce drag and air vortex disturbances at the rear of the trailer.


SmartTail is Deployed or Stowed
Automatically While Driving

SmartTail - Reduce Aerodynamic Drag and Improve Fuel Efficiency
Polymer Skins in the Deployed Position

No Driver Duties Required
to Deploy or Stow

SmartTail - Deflated
SmartTail® Shown Deflated and in the Stowed Position



  • The SmartTail® state of the art Smart Control with onboard micro-computer and GPS automatically deploys the SmartTail® at factory pre-programmed speeds while driving.
  • At factory pre-programmed low speeds the Smart Control automatically evacuates the air spoiler polymer skins to fold & stow SmartTail® allowing the doors to be fully opened by the driver.
  • Totally automated operation eliminates any need for special driver duties
  • Save 4-7% in fuel $ without adding maintenance costs.
  • The cross linked fiber with slick polymer coated material for great aerodynamics, easy cleaning and resists snow/ice.
  • Triangular cross section is durable, mechanically stable and open bottom eliminates snow/ice buildup.
  • No external moving parts = no maintenance
  • Lightweight polymer skins are easily mounted with factory supplied stainless steel bolts and aluminum rails
  • SmartTail® in the stowed position folds and is compressed to about 3 inches when the doors are opened.
  • Adds insulating section for reefer applications

   Tested to SAE J1321 Type II


The ATS Advantage

  • SmartTail® provides 4-7% fuel efficiency $ improvement
  • Requires no driver actions - automatic inflation/deflation
  • Automatic deflation if the trailer is moving in reverse requires no driver duties
  • Doors can fully open
  • Lightweight less than 130lbs total
  • Polymer skin inflation system eliminates moving mechanical parts exposed to rain, snow and ice
  • No external moving parts equals no maintenance
  • Saving fuel reduces harmful air emissions
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Reduced trailer shimmy for extended tire life
  • Fuel savings from SmartTail® has been tested to fully perform if used with side skirts or WindTamer®
  • International version now available with 24 inch profile


Smarttail and Windtamer

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Pay Back Period Averages Less Than 1 Year and Keeps Fuel Savings For 10 Years!

SmartTail® Savings Chart Using Diesel @ $4.00/Gal
  50,000 Highway Miles 100,000 Highway Miles 150,000 Highway Miles
Speed Gallons Saved $ Saved Gallons Saved $ Saved Gallons Saved $ Saved
50 286 $1,144 572 $2,289 858 $3,433
55 317 $1,269 635 $2,538 952 $3,808
60 357 $1,430 715 $2,859 1072 $4,289
65 399 $1,597 799 $3,195 1198 $4,792
70 497 $1,989 994 $3,977 1491 $5,966
75 596 $2,385 1193 $4,771 1789 $7,156
Savings calculated using SmartWay verified SAE type ii track test, Wind Tunnel tests and road data
Track tests performed by 3rd party - Continental Tire Oval track - Uvalde Texas
Uses a base tractor-trailer with 6.5 mpg before SmartTail® is added
Savings don't apply to fuel spent for idling and reduced at lower speeds


SmartWay has listed
SmartTail® and our
IAS Integrated Automated System
(SmartTail® with WindTamer®)
as verified technology products.

Learn more about Smartway EPA


Reefers compliant to CARB with SmartTail®    


Smart Control
Smart Control

Smart Control

  • Smart Control is a self-contained state of the art control. It includes air blowers and a simple micro-computer and GPS. Speed, altitude, temperature, pressures and direction are monitored to automatically inflate and deploy the SmartTail® polymer skins while at higher speeds.
  • When low speeds are sustained for a time period, the control will automatically deflate and create a vacuum within the polymer skins to stow them, allowing the driver to simply open the rear doors normally without any additional duties
  • Contained within a rugged Stainless Steel frame that is easily mounted to the rear underside of the trailer
  • Only connection is to the trailer’s 12 volt circuit (no air or any other connection required)
    • Normal load is less than 100ma with 5 amp peak demand.
  • Control goes to sleep when tractor connection is powered off.
  • Unique features include automatic stowing if reverse direction of trailer is detected.
    • Eliminates any additional driver duties if backing into docks with rear doors closed.

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