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SmartTail® and WindTamer® products are the results of many years of development and have culminated in successful track tests demonstrating over 5% fuel efficiency benefit at 62mph. Higher speeds and varying load conditions have field demonstrated fuel savings ranging up to 8% fuel efficiency improvements.

Wind Tunnel Testing (1/8 Scale)

Wind tunnel test on truck

SmartTail® and WindTamer® aerodynamic products were evaluated in several series of wind tunnel tests.  The windtunnel tests included a moving track with angles of air flow that were conducted at a state-of-the-art open throat test facility, varied throughout a wide range to provide a weighted overall performance in varied headwinds. Engineers observed the effects of product design variations to optimize drag reduction and fuel efficiency performance at speeds from 35-75mph.  It is noted that with Aerodynamic devices  the fuel efficiency benefits increase with increasing speeds. This laboratory setting provides very precise data under very controlled conditions to yield very accurate data on drag reduction performances. Tests show fuel efficiency gains of 7% at a speed of 75mph using SmartTail® and WindTamer® aerodynamic products.


Track Testing

Wind tunnel testing

SmartTail® and WindTamer® aerodynamic products were both fully tested at the Continental Tire's Uvalde proving grounds track per the SmartWay and SAE J1321 standards. The tests strongly correlated to the wind tunnel  tests and demonstrated a combined Fuel efficiency improvement over 5% at speeds of 63mph. This facility uses state of the art measuring equipment with impartial 3rd party independent test results.



CFD “Computational Fluid Dynamics’ Studies

CFD research work was done in seven phases from 2004-2009  on behalf of ATS led by Dr. Mo Kassemi at the NASA’s National center for Space Exploration Research and Case Western Reserve University. The above video shows a portion of the CFD studies clearly demonstrating the air vortex developed at the rear of the trailer. The addition of the rear end boattail technology is visually displayed to show the reduction of the vortex.

Computational Fluid Dynamics studies

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